God, forgive me for admiring the Egypt I’ve left when you’re taking care of me even in the wilderness I’m in. I know Lord that if I can’t appreciate your goodness in the wilderness then I won’t appreciate the treasures of the promised land. Teach me to enjoy the manner I partake of each day knowing that the wilderness is not my destination..
In Jesus’ Name,

Learning About Church

A few months ago I posted about a church not being a museum for the right but a hospital for the broken(sinners). This post got me thinking for the last couple of weeks and I noticed that most times we just point out the wrongs and end there without searching for the answer and truths. In this post I will try to explain what I feel most christians (including myself) miss out when they find someone is wrong and what they are suppose to do.

I’m pretty sure almost everyone was surprised that Kanye West came out saying “Christianity is the only culture I want to know about”. I was really surprised when I started seeing comments of Christians rejecting him and saying He’s not yet changed “enough” for him to be accepted. My heart really broke seeing us turning into Pharisees who had their own gauge that fits them. Like I said, a church is not a museum for the right meaning it’s not only for those we consider to be on the right track that are suppose to be accepted. Someone once said in a post,

I don’t go to church because I’m perfect.

I go to church because I’m not.

I don’t go to church because I am right.

I go to church because I need to get right.

We need to fill our pews with lost people looking for hope. With struggling people looking for purpose. With weary people looking for rest. With unwanted people looking for love. With hungry people looking to be fed.

We need more churches with signs that read “All are welcome here” who actually mean it. Who practice it. Who stretch out their arms and get dirty and uncomfortable and awkward. Who want to hug the new faces and hear about their stories over lunch. Who put their pointer finger down and point people to the truth.

We need more churches who tell people: I don’t care what you’re wearing, I don’t care what you did last night. I’m just glad you’re here today. Come take a seat next to me. I’ll share my Bible.

We need more churches who love like Jesus loved, who love the same people Jesus loved: the messy, the broken, and the cast-aside.

This should be use believers. Let us be like Christ, friends of sinners. I know there people who think otherwise and I don’t mind contributions, subtractions and any other suggestions you have on this.

Thanks for Reading.

Post by Nelson

The Hidden Knowns

A few weeks ago, I was watching an animation movie, small foot, and I came to a realization that, that’s the way we usually live and act. It’s crazy how we choose to believe what we haven’t proven for the sake of someone else’s belief. One thing I’m sure of, the truth will always be the truth no matter how hidden it can be. I’m sure of this because we know that there’s a sun even when it’s still night time and brethren that is the truth.

UNZA Africa 4

Pic by Nelson

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